WEST COAST Golden Radio is not a show, but a full time no speak radio 24/7 ON AIR

To brighten new songs and sometimes new artists we choose and decided several years ago

to put on a special event called « POWERPLAY »,

three times per hour from Monday to Friday and 2 times per hour on Saturday and Sunday.

This is a way to make a spotlight on releases we think they carry on the Spirit

of the West Coast Sound.

The selection made is our OWN selection according to our feelings and tastes.

It is a corner where musicians have the opportunity of making

their new songs better known, world wide.

Musicians and artists it’s your place for our great pleasure !

Feel free to drop a line or a vocal message, as you want,

it will be greatly appreciated.


                 WEST COAST Golden Radio

                    is a complete Labor of Love.


Quincy Jones
Young Gun Silver Fox
Backman Johanson & the others
Gino Vannelli
The Manhattan Transfer
Bruce Springsteen
Blue Desert
Marc Jordan
d'Z -Lovin' & Dancin' ft Katie Léone.jpe
Monkey House
Chris Walker
Doug Brons
Barry Leef
Lava - Water
Morten Augustinius - It Will Follow The
Beyond Imagination
State Cows - Human Ladders.jpg
Ole Børud
Michael Franks