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Orban Sound Processing

WEST COAST Golden Radio
            is a complete labor of love without any ads.

For us, it's important to offer you something else than a commercial radio obeying of the rules of today's market.
We do not count the time spent for your listening pleasure.
Love and passion of good music is not enough to maintain the quality of a professional radio ON AIR. 

                  To stay at this level, we need you.

How can you help us to cover the broadcasting costs ?
Simply by making a donation, all contributions will be welcome and will help us, there is no minimum amount required.
Feel free to click on the Paypal link below, your help will be greatly appreciated. 


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The WCGR Team

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The Eagles Hotel California
Rolling Stone Magazine
The Eagles Band

WEST COAST Golden Radio
is a radio dedicated to the HITS of Music that could be heard
mainly in California, USA, during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
  All our choices are made to share with you a sound in the spirit of the FM radios of that period It’s also possible        to listen to artists of these old days still playing nowadays like before and new artists sounding like these times            coming  from all over the world (see POWERPLAY page).
            The range of music is starting from the Surf times, Country Rock, Rock, Soul, Soul, Rhythm & Blues,
  West Coast Sound (Yacht Rock), to Smooth Jazz and Fusion.
  Our criteria are sing along music with melodies, well played tunes executed by crafted and talented musicians to      share with YOU a good mood and have a good time : « Laissez le bon temps rouler »

  About the artists played on AIR , to name a few ; The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Mamas & Papas, Bob Dylan,
  Neil Diamond, James Taylor, America, Jackson Browne, Stephen Bishop, Poco, Christopher Cross, Toto and  
                           the symbol of Californian Rock.
  The Eagles musical style is known as West Coast Sound. Californian Rock is a nice mix of warm sand and sharp      guitars In 1977,                                           
                                                    won the Grammy Award for "Recording of the Year" and the "Best Arrangements                                                  for Voices" for the song ‘New Kid in Town’.
                                    The album sold 32 million copies worldwide between 1976 and 2011.
  The American rock magazine                                  has ranked « Hotel California » 37th in its list of the 500 greatest    albums of all time.
  The first song, ‘Hotel California’, is the most famous title.

  And also, Chicago, Bill Champlin, Quincy Jones, Earth Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau,      George Benson, Michael McDonald, Richard Marx, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Michael Franks,
  Ben Sidran………………
All that music broadcasted without any advertisement because we hate commercials.
WEST COAST Golden Radio is existing for you, Listeners and Artists. Without YOU we are nothing

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